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Meet our Veterinarians

News Flash !

Dr. Sarah Storm officially  purchased Fallon Veterinary Clinic in October 2019. We are so excited to have such a compassionate, caring owner.

Dr. Jensen and Dr. Storm bring experience, knowledge, and a progressive approach to veterinary medicine.  We now welcome Dr. Diana Kushlan!

Fallon Veterinary Clinic opened it's doors in 1945, and has been happily serving the surrounding community since! We take pride in not only being an outstanding, full-service veterinary hospital, but also creating a comforting, warm atmosphere to make both your pet's and your own experience a pleasant one.

We are proud to have knowledgable, friendly veterinarians as well as a capable and caring staff. 

Dr. Storm (LEFT) and Dr. Jensen (RIGHT)

Sarah Storm D.V.M. owner


Sarah Storm D.V.M. received her veterinary degree from the University of California, Davis in 2003. She has lived in Fallon, NV since 2007. Dr. Storm and her husband own a holstein dairy as well as a goat dairy in Fallon. She has 2 children and enjoys camping, skiing, hiking and spending time with her family!

Katerina Jensen D.V.M.


Katerina Jensen D.V.M. received her veterinary degree from the Washington State University in 2013. She was raised in Fallon, NV.  Dr. Jensen and her husband enjoy camping, fishing, traveling, equestrian events and outdoor activities!

Dr. Kush.jpg

Diana kushlan D.V.m

Diana Kushlan D.V.M spent her early years wandering the U.S. with her Navy family. She received her B.S. in Chemistry followed by her Ph.D. in the same subject. After working in the academic field for over 7 years, she headed to the University of I.L. and graduated with a DVM in 1999. Dr. Kushlan currently lives in Carson City with her 3 dogs Kaci, Melvin, and Molly!

Dr. Kushlan with her dog, Melvin!

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